How Can I Help??

We are frequently asked "Who are you guys?", "How can I get involved?" and "Where can I get one of those cool jerseys?" If you'd like to learn more about helping out, please read on... There are three steps to becoming a member of the Bike Patrol. None are particularly hard. The difficulty usually lies with scheduling conflicts.

Step #1 - CPR Certification: 
Many people already are CPR certified, but for those of us that are not, the South Mountain and/or North Mountain Rangers usually provide a CPR class several times a year. If you need a CPR certifcation and need help locating a qualified training program we can assist you.

Step #2 - IMBA Registration: 
The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) is the governing body for all 70 branches of the National Mountain Bike Patrol. We, the CAMBP, are just one of those branches. IMBA requires that each member go to their website, take a fairly simple test and register themselves as members of the Bike Patrol. The registration costs $50. We are currently investigating ways to pay that or possibly reimburse the individual later, but cannot yet offer that. Each member of the Bike Patrol is therefore required to pay their own membership fees.

Step #3 - Park Steward Training: 
The Rangers at South Mountain and North Mountain have requested that each member of the Bike Patrol take a class that teaches them the Park's rules, regulations and reporting requirements. This class is offered several times a year and we'll be able to provide plenty of notice as to an upcoming class. Once you get through those three steps, you ready to begin patrolling!!

We will outfit you with a Bike Patrol jersey and a first-aid kit. All we ask that each person patrol once a month. We are in charge of our own schedules and we decide when/where we will ride. No person will be forced to ride a trail that they are not comfortable riding. Each patrol consists of two people - they decide when and where to meet and what trails they want to ride. 

The Rangers are just happy to have someone out there acting as their "eyes and ears". Once completed with your patrol ride, you simply fill out an online "patrol log" and submit it to the Rangers through our automated system. Our goal is to have two patrollers out on the trails every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. If you think that you like to volunteer to help us or simply have additional questions, please e-mail us at